wordpress died??

and i nearly cried..

did anyone else notice that wordpress shut down yesterday? i couldnt log in from the internet. true, their functoinless app was working, but the real site was a no-go…

as a daily blog writer i felt lost. hopeless. scared…

in short, i nearly sh*t (in the past tense) my pants. paranoia set in instantly. what if all my cool written blogs got lost down the broken server toilet of never neverland tech infinity blackhole nothingness? i was planning on printing out/saving my written posts  in case they ever got destroyed way before yesterdays event. but of course id never gotten around to it.  so when yesterday happened i flew into full panic mode.

it was the slap in my face that i needed to remind me “the cloud” in the matrix is only so real. if you want your stuff forever save it on paper. that way only floods and fire and tornado and earthquakes and human negligence can destroy it.

this discussion gently leads into an interesting analysis between cyber reality/the matrix, and real reality.. however we should best define it. for im often unsure how real our life and existence here is…

as artists nothing that we do is “real” to others unless it is physical/given physical form. and as souls and thoughts trapped in physical bodies, nothing that we have been here  shall remain after we have died  unless we created something. besides children, and friends, and memories… which can only ever be variations of our truth. never complete mirrors..

we must remember the one true relic of our souls is our art and our writing. our creations.

we must do what we can to create. to make our creations  memorable. and to print them if theyre printable.

a wordpress glitch or our inevitable deaths should not be the final act that erases us forever.



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