swimming with nice sharks



i found this drawing on a wallpaper site and fell in love with its uniqueness and strangeness. i like the feeling of the illustration. it bears a sort of wonderment and enchantment about it. a curiosity.

if only we could all swim with sharks so readily.  we might understand them better. like shark boy here.

as a land mammal i guess its interesting to note that ive always had an affinity for the seafaring sharks. its a respect for a lifeform that has roamed earths waters as an effective and necessary predator for hundreds of millions of years.  the sharks sharp rows of neverending teeth and powerful jaws that lead to its neverending bottomless black pit of a stomach, the pit of death and no return,  also helped cement this reverent impression in my mind.

in third grade i went through my shark phase. that was after my snake phase and before my lizard phase. ( im proud to say my lizard phase lasted many years and overlapped my vampire, witch, ghost, and serial killer phases).

i devoured books on the gigantic fish with a shark-like verocity. I bit off whole chunks of info on their habitats and hunting habits, their different fin sizes, different markings and  different shaped teeth. how they had live babies like you and me. how they had to keep swimming to survive. how they migrated the oceans in mysterious patterns. how we didnt know that much about them after all. (mating, full life habits, etc)

I gobbled up pictures of them swimming, eating, and of course dying. theres was always a pic of a shark landed on a ship with a  hook still in its paralyzed mouth , flayed open alive so its stomach contents could spill on the deck  and be photographed like a disected circus. a shark was a mobile living treasure trove of mankinds oceanbound trash; license plates old tires shoes plastic bottles. etc.

there were also pics of human shark victims. huge bite marks in legs, abdomens and arms. and pics of the surviving amputees. and their stories. this is waht most people remember about the shark.. the horror and fear. the death of a human.

the movie jaws did the shark no favors. even shark week on discovery channel, a program thats supposed to help promote human understanding and compassion for the overhunted species,  devoted most of its tiger shark program to the theme of sharks as human predators. these films only serve to feed humankinds bloodlust to hunt and kill these animals.  they give another excuse to “hook and cook”; to catch, kill and cut the fins off  a creature thats sometimes 10 -15 years old for cheap soup. to throw the magnificent creatures whole back into the oceans. we are the masters of the universe when it comes to waste and wasting.

i dont expect to see us swimming among a non frenzied group of sharks like anime shark boy here. but i do hope that the shark survives our reign of __________ on this planet. fill in the blank as you see fit.

i hope the shark remains to maintain the delicate balance of the ocean now underun with fish and sharks, and overrun with acid and jellyfish.


odie and odie mama.



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