creation transmutation

transmutation through reception

as with any true art form, the artist and the subject change over time. this is true for the written art form, the sculpted art form. the performed art form, the painted art form. even the pre-formed lights and darks of a photograph pass through an incomprehensible number of changes before becoming whole in print before the viewer’s gaze.

wine was once a grape on a vine. water in a glass was once a cloud in the sky. the cloth of your dress once grew live in a far away field.

to change is the nature of creation. to embrace this change is to become one with the universe.

over time, my blog has changed as well. what started as a shy, somewhat reserved forum for me to share my most honest thoughts (that i feared no one would read or relate to) has become a positively received platform for me to showcase the work of other artists that i admire. with a sprinkling of those personal thought blurbs, like this one, in between.

i never imagined my blog would start the way it did; in a flurried anxiety of typing. on a not too cold night in new york towards the final days of december. I began as if forced by an unseen hand to share something i alone created before it was too late.  before i looked up and into the mirror at 50 and realize i was an artist that had shared nothing because i had been too scared. too shy to.   because i was too….. unsure if the next word would be perfect enough.

im glad that i pressed myself past that initial paralyzing fear to share. and through the course of writing this blog every day (excepting the one day wordpress had a tech snafu last week) and finding fellow artists who’s work i admired and who admired my work as well (despite the typos), my blog has taken shape. its running a course.. there are no guidelines. no roadmaps. im a captain of this ship called eyesOfOdysseus with no certain destination. but im sailing. and that feels right.

i dont know how this all will end. the blog i mean. and i dont need to know. i just hope there are a lot of twists and turns along the journey. lets take the good and the bad as they come.

thank you for reading, for letting me share with you. and for sharing your thoughts and likes with me.

love odie + odie mama :)

N.B. i think the photo was done by alex grey. but im not sure…

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