moki/mioke. part two.

we’re back… and we’re happy to bring you more incredible mioke (who calls herself moki in her bio) art  along with odie’s first impressions taglined beneath. enjoy!

“my favorite piece (girl on the shore) mashed and mixed with more landscape blended portraits by mioke. a masterpiece of photo collagerie! voila!” -odie
“scary blanket headless creature in a muddy ocean. im scared.” -odie
“warm and cuddly yummy furry civets. i like” -odie
“fuzzy wuzzys overtake abandoned shore house/factory? what do they want?” -odie
“lovely landscaped kimono lady. i wonder what her face looks like. i have a feeling shes sad.” -odie
“man. wood. no dirty jokes please” -odie
“spirit bears. like a grateful dead acid trip japanese folklore thing. cool” -odie
” stream-tastic. looks refreshing zen and spa like..” -odie
“another dark and scary picture. like “The Ring” meets invasion of the body snatchers plus water…” -odie
“wandering spirits to be wary of. with funny looking mythology snakes in the background. mommy, hold me, im scared.” -odie

we have to be kind to odies first impressions. after all, hes just a cat! and i did hold him … to see more of miokes art please visit her intersting site:

and my other blog: wooden it be lovely. which i posted yesterday…

off to work work. ill be back again tomorrow with more art to share.

your comments and first impressions are welcome. as always.

have a wonderful day. summers here!

love odie. and odie mama…





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