im feeling especially strange today and i found images to reflect my mood while sifting through the matrix. welcome to the odd and wonderful world of neosurrealism.

(ryohei hase)
(michael parkes)
this is a close up of one of my favorite parkes pieces. the cat has opposable thumbs for ____’s sake. incredible! odie wishes he had thumbs too. not just dewlap nubs. but we’ll discuss that in greater detail. later.


(heidi taillefer)
(Piotr Wiktor Węcławski)
(lil dafonte)
(stefano branzoni)
(ralph steadman)
stanislaw kors
(jeff christiansen)

strange cool stuff right?

how are you feeling today? a little strange? maybe its the passing of the moon in front of our sun at just the right moment the other day. maybe its just me. either way…..


odie and odie mama



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