my big reveal..

and here they are….


dear wordpress friends and family. this is actually my art= art created by the hands of odie mama!

yes its true! today i am revealing that i am a fellow artist, a newer artist growing into a style and still finding types of media that i prefer. but on some level im happy with the work ive done thus far.  as for my art bio/background; im a self taught outsider artist. i prefer to work with pastels (more oily/wet/malleable than dry) on heavy cut paper as i did with these paintings here. painting size is on average 36″ by 24″.

i apply texture and details to the pastels with colored pencils, markers, and paint markers. i am especially drawn to vivid coloration, off-set eyes of odd colors, large prominent ears, black lines that trace/highlight all shapes, layers, patterns, angular odd faces of non human coloration, and animal features that have been filtered through a human compass.

I am a newer artist that is currently stuck writing in playville. i guess thats why I havent shared any of my personal drawings before. But today is better than later. (and odie told me to stop being shy). i hope you like it. and i hope it gives some insight into who i am and what i do.

thanks for having a peek. :)


odie mama.  and odie, of course. :)


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