abandoned : interiors: part II

abandoned. forgotten. beautiful.

once a library in russia. now a graveyard for books. literally an intellectual explosion of rainbow colors.
a view to the green.


post industrial detroit. captured by the genious team of marchand and meffre who spent 5 years photographing the city’s urban decay for a luminary book they created.
abandoned post office. germany.
detroit. marchnd + meffre.
once a place of rest.
the now forgotten miami marine stadium.
once the potter mansion
once the mike tyson mansion. his house had a large swimming area, copperplate ceilings, maroon and leopard carpeting. and glass furniture/fixtures. exactly what we would expect the boxers tastes to be… for more mike adams photos from the home visit this link: http://acidcow.com/pics/12569-abandoned-mike-tysons-mansion-54-pics.html


abandoned stairwell in a virginian house. excellent black and white photo study.
the still glorious city methodist church of post-industrial gary, indiana.
the interior of a train car. destroyed by fire. abandoned by necessity.
the now abandoned reactor room 4. where the **** hit the fan in the chernobyl incident.
littered landscape. post chernobyl.


fukushima. a modern chronicle of evacation and abandonment. the ephmeral quality of the sheets and lights in the photo hides the danger in the air completely.

thank you for taking a journey with me to these abandoned places both beautiful and mysterious from around the globe.

to see our other compilation of abandoned interiors please click on the link:


love odie and odie mama.




12 thoughts on “abandoned : interiors: part II

  1. These pictures have such a haunting feeling to them. They have an “if these walls could talk” air about them. Truly amazing


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