the way of shadows

  1. black/blak & white/(h)wīt/




    (george krause 1964. spain)
    (fan ho 1954)
    (michal fanta. prague)


    (roger mayne 1956. london)


    (mark ledingham)
    (fan ho)
    (roger mayne. london)
    (george krause. 1960s)
    (fan ho. 1958)

    when i started this entry i intended to share beautiful landscape photographs steeped in shadow. the matrix had far more specific material to provide. and so i gently let the tides of the machine sweep over my project and transform it into a study of  black and white street photography with powerful shadows.

    I was especially impressed by the strongly shaded street photos of the mid 20th century by noted street/life photographers fan ho/ Ho fan who worked in hong kong, roger mayne who captured the now lost streets of the city of london, and george krause, an american photographer who captured the class division in south carolina (and shot great pics in Spain while on a fulbright-hays fellowship abroad). i will most certainly be sharing more of their work in the future.

    have a wonderful night. in the shadow of the moon and the light of the stars.

    love odie and odie mama.



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