up close + very personal

the human body up close/magnified provides all the mystery of landscapes you would expect of another/alien world…enjoy!

inside the human mouth. kind of glad i dont know exactly where… but i love the colors and textures. reminds me of a sunset on an alien planet.

the rest of the images ive included have been created by a scanning electron microscope . It takes stunning photographs not only because of its unique magnifying powers but also because it interprets light in a way a regular camera doesnt. to read more about its incredible powers and uses visit wiki:


taste bud. making life taste better, one food particle at a time.
the tongue. and its incredible variety of bacteria. here comes some food scraps. party time!!!
the tongues papillae. only a few bacteria having a party here. i think these are filiform papilla. and if not then  theyre definitely fungiform.
odies (cat) tongue magnified. its sharp dagger-like texture explains its raspy feel. odie insisted i include this for comparison’s sake..
eyelashes. growing like needles off a pine tree.
the split end of a human hair. ouch!
a close up of the human eye. i wish this shot was in color!
red blood cells. the stuff of life! they look like yummy gummies by haribo..
red blood cells clotting and one lone white blood cell in the center.
a white blood cell hard at work trapping bacterial cells. the white blood cell will then draw them inside of itself and destroy the bacteria with lysozomes. it basically eats the bacteria to death. cool!
lung cancer. the grey atrophied material is a result of the cancer. normal lung tissue is healthy pink. no bueno… white blood cells cant do their job in this case….
this human tissue close up looks like a fertile flower. and in a way its similar. this is fallopian tube fringe tissue. as beautiful as any rose…
human egg with coronal cells. coronal cells keep an unfertilized egg healthy/protected.
the conception process in its first stages. hurry up guys, theres only one winner!
an embryo! the first stages of human life. up close. color has been intensified to create this magnificent shot!
odies favorite pic. and mine. a six day old human embryo!!! stunning!

i love the human conception photos, as does odie, and we will be including more in another blog. simply amazing to see the beginnings of human life up close and personal.

i hope you enjoyed our journey into the strange mysterious world of the human body.

love odie and odie mama.

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