10 thoughts on “peacock pleasantries

  1. This is beautiful. I actually received my BFA in painting, but I haven’t worked on a new painting in almost a year… You post has inspired me to pick up a paint brush tomorrow and see what happens :)

    • i am so truly happy to hear how this drawing inspired you to revisit your special gift/talent. your comments inspire us to keep blogging/sharing/creating as well. we would love to see your painting that you create. odie insists that you share it with us when its done. id like that too.
      happy painting.
      love odie and of course Odie mama.
      is there any of your work on your site?…were headed over there for a peek….

      • I haven’t posted any of my studio art on my blog yet, it is on my FB page and Coroflot portfolio. (I’m still figuring this WordPress stuff out) But I think I will have to make a special post soon for you and Odie :)
        Thank you for the wonderful comments you always leave, and your inspiring posts!!!!


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