greener. and bluer.

greener pastures….

and kinder waters….

hopefully my 3 little fish that passed away find themselves with both; greener pastures and cooler, fresher waters in their next incarnations…you will be missed!

love odie and odie mama.

p.s. i saved the rest of my fish. so im finally relieved…

for any fish enthusiasts.. adding a little baking soda to your tank is a great way to raise the pH. be careful not to add too much. pH should only changed by .5 in any 24 hour period. make sure to have an accurate pH testing kit on hand to monitor any pH changes.




3 thoughts on “greener. and bluer.

  1. I am so happy to hear the remaining fish are fine. I had to add some baking soda to my stomach today. Be careful not to add too much to a human too or you get diarrhea. LOL My bad. I am sorry but it;s true.


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