Wolf nap


Odie and i are feeling especially sleepy and wed love to lie down and take a nap midday… Like this lone wolf sleeping ever so sweetly in a beautiful flower filled field. I just love this picture because its so unusual and unexpected in a way. Im curious about the field and the wolf. I wonder how he got there, where his pack is and I wonder what hes dreaming about. I also wonder who took this photo……

Oh. I Just looked over and noticed odie is asleep already. I wonder what hes dreaming about. Often when odie dreams he opens and closes his mouth a lot and manages to make little sounds. When hes awake hes very talkative so it makes sense that hes a sleep talker. Also, his eyes roll around in their sockets and his eyelids flicker a lot when hes dreaming. Sometimes he even moves his ears arms and legs which is very entertaining to watch. When i see him like that i always imagine He must be chasing a bird or playing with a friend in his dreamscapes. Dream on buddy!

Happy naps to everyone.

Love odie and odie mama.


3 thoughts on “Wolf nap


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