d u n e


this landscape pic is simply outstanding! may we navigate lifes twists and turns as gracefully as these grains of sand.
when lifes obstacles confront you how do you face them?
do you walk in the shadows or in the light? do you turn easily with the pathway/follow its meanderings or do you hesitate/ resist change at every turn.
i myself tend to be unsure which approach to take and i decide as best i can using a combination of (over) rationalization, instinct, whim, and guesswork.  sometimes i follow. sometimes i deviate. sometimes I even wander. 
each side has its own benefits,and drawbacks of course. i have experiences both.
if only there was a handbook/ manual written expressly for your life and it came with gps and a roadmap and bullet points. navigation voice optional..

would that make life more interesting or more boring?

well its time to sign off again.
love odie and odie mama.


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