sheer acsents


odie cant recall the precise quote (perhaps because of the fresh catnip i sprinkled so liberally on his scrstching post throughout the day) but when he saw this great pic of a climber scaling this sheer faced mountain side with all.the skill of a gecko, he was reminded of an inspirational quote hed read years ago, perhaps by Roosevelt..?.he couldnt quite recall it.*
but he assured me it went something like this:

when youre stuck in what seems like  an impossible place and you have no idea where to go, keep moving/climbing.
youll find your way forwards.

that pearl of wisdom gives me great comfort as i sleep tonight without a comforter for us to snuggle under. im in the midst of moving and it proved more stressful than i imagined.
hopefully the worst has passed. yet were only halfway to our final destination.

odie seems to be adjusting well and that makes me think that despite big changes everything will be ok… weve just got to keep moving through the move.

and so we shall

love odie and odie mama


*a friend of ours with a better memory let us know that what odie was thinking of was in fact a quote from mr winston churchill:

“when youre going through hell, keep going”

yes! thats what we were grabbing at the first time. glad weve found the correct foot hold for the correct quote.



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