Rays of light

And 9 chimney tower stacks in the distance….Standing amidst the water, clouds, mirrored image ripples, and yellow rays of a muted sun.


This pic signifies hope for me and odie. Hope that the rest of our move will go smoothly. Hope for safe travels, arrivals, and quick settling ins. Hope for happiness in a new place.
In this pic the clouds of a storm block out most of the days sunlight. There is darkness and shadow, but it is not a foreboding landscape. Because there is hope. The rays of light breaking through patches in the thick cloud cover tell us that the light of the sun is still there and will shine full again when the storm has passed.
The 9 stacks in the distance represent our favorite lucky number, 9!
Nine is an interesting number for a variety of reasons. I should blog about it more.
I liked discovering that the pic had such a meaningful numerical representation for us in addition to its hopeful connotation.

Alas to bed again. In fact odie is already there, beneath the sheets, fast asleep. He must know we have a long drive journey ahead of us. I will join him after i sign off….

To nod off :)

Love odie and odie mama


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