waves II : between a rock and a water place

dear odyssians,

its been a rocky few days but odie and i are settling into our new home with grace and style. in honor of these adaptations we wanted to share a blog about rocks (obstacles), and the beautiful way that water (the adaptable/me/odie)  breaks (encounters and adapts) upon them and in the process forms marvelous landscape photo ops.  no pics to share of me and odie at the moment, but these wave rock landscape photos ought to do the trick..

there is beauty in the chaos of life…


and keep sailing….

graphically enhanced. but that doesnt hide its natural rock+wave beauty…
this waves is churning up sand / tiny tiny rocks… so it still fits in the rock+wave blog category. we love exceptions and acceptions.. :)


we hope you enjoyed our rock+waves photos.

we’re off to bed early tonight. and thats a good thing…

love odie and odie mama.


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