our cosmic ceiling: starry night landscapes

“the stars out here are amazing. i love the sky outside the city lights. its cosmic and it pulls you in to something you cant help but question…wish you were here.”




we are here. all of on this planet are here. we are all swimming in the midst of  beautiful galaxies and sheltering under the blanket of the same great big star filled sky.  we are all floating in the middle of the grand cosmos with a great view of our twinkling neighbors, so astonishing in their beauty we are reminded of the gods’ craft when we see them.

these sparkling starry night sky landscape photographs remind us of our cosmic relevance. our closeness. our being in the very midst of it all.


NB: when i was living in the big city for the last few years i would look up from time to time and realize I could see nary a star from my dwelling in the heart of the urban devils lair. but now that im out in the burbs i should be able to get a few more cosmic star rays in the nighttime. i plan to look up at them tonight. and hold odie up to the window for a clear view as well.

will you look up and see the stars tonight?

love odie and odie mama.



10 thoughts on “our cosmic ceiling: starry night landscapes

  1. Hey O and OM :)

    I couldn’t help but head here en route to the edges of All Reason when such wondrous images linger on your Blog to be enjoyed. My-oh-my, these pictures are exquisite :)

    It begs the question: ‘Did whatever force that brought forth humankind in to this universe do so with the intention of being able to gaze out at the majesty of its own creation through its own eyes?’ Looking up from Earth beneath the press of night towards an infinitely deep void so richly adorned with stars and planets and worlds existing so far beyond our imagination, I can only believe that it did.

    In my humble opinion, there truly is little else in life that conjures up such an intuitively felt yearning and an unfathomable sense of longing that at once lays the soul bare and calls us back to someplace called home. Sometimes I can barely breathe when such feelings rise up to touch my spirit.

    Namaste O and OM, and thank you. You have created a wonderful site.

    DN – 18/04/14

    • Short answer: yes!
      Long answer: hell yes, Minus any chtonic implications of the response. It would take weeks to get close to explaining the whys of it, let alone the possibility of it. But, we are big god believers over here, so Odie and I leave the inexplicable to faith.
      Thank you for digging around or blog and liking what weve shared. These pictures made us gaga too. Odie and I look forward
      to having you as our eloquenct and loquacious blog buddy.
      O and om

      • Hey O and OM,

        Thank you so much for making me feel welcome. I’m not at all sure if I deserve such kind appreciation of my rhetoric and babble when your own sentiments are expressed so beautifully and so sincerely.

        It is indeed a thirst for the dreams you weave within the tapestry of your delightful Blog that will return me time and time again to dwell a while more.

        God Bless

        DN – 22/04/14

  2. Hey O and Om,

    Will you look up at the stars tonight or wish upon her strawberry Moon and find strength in what makes you wonder at the spectacle of the ‘gods’ crafting’?


    DN – 04/06/2015


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