the creators palette

dear odyssians,

we hope you like this colorful sky cloud rain and ocean landscape/oceanscape photo! the colors are amazing to behold. reminds us of a rothko painting actually. have a great day enjoying all of natures bold colors.


odie +odie mama+ odie grandma*

*3 generations of  odie  family members helped to post today’s blog (actually odie was taking a nap so he just dialed it in today, but the remaining two of us managed just fine without him). we hope odie grandma works with us again in the future and/or starts her own blog..shes thinking about it. and it would be wonderful to see what kind of blog she would come up with. she likes plants, gardening, cats (especially odie), photography, travel, adventure, writing stories, and current events. that will certainly make for an interesting mish mash of art and news and beauty and hobby.


6 thoughts on “the creators palette

    • odie mama: “yes do it! blue says do it”
      odie grandma: “yes i will do it”
      ..and from both of us: “thanks blue. you helped inspire odie grandma to start her blog asap! ill send links when its up. let the tech games begin.”


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