dear odyssians,

(this space left intentionally blank for comtemplative purposes)





im feeling quite lonely today. and this was the perfect pic to express my mood. loneliness isnt wholly bad. it can lead to a sort of solitude if reveled in. or as i call it solo-tude. embrace the silence.  odies upstairs taking a nap as i post. sometimes he doesnt mind being alone either. for like, 30 minutes at a time.

odie and i have been fascinated with the “lone figure” landscape for awhile. just need to upgrade this blog site (give wordpress money) so that i can start uploading more pics so i can show a whole series of them. i went through most of my image library space already. in six months!! holy holy..

back to my contemplation. solo style.

love odie and odie mama.


8 thoughts on “solotude

    • yes blue-
      i dont have any upgrades on my blog so i dont have a large image library (space to save to). you prob have an upgrade already since you can also post music files. upgrades range from 20$ a year to 100$ i think…
      time for odie and i to pony up, pay the piper, and load down. aka download :)

    • always love hearing form you nonoymanga, typos and all. odie does our proofreading, and as you may have noticed we rarely have correct spelling/punctuation. its a cats life after all!


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