arctic moon r i s e

dear odyssians,



what you see before you is a perfect universal alignment of sun, moon, stars, water, land,ice  and landscape photography**

may all of your stars line up today and give you that extra special cosmic boost of happiness, prosperity, peace, and general good fortune.

love odie and odie mama.


this isnt a real photo. its an amazingly skilled digital art  piece called “Hideaway” and was created by a 22 year old german astrophysics student named inga nielsen using terragen scenery rending software.  its been paraded around the internet as a real landscape photo and odie was convinced it was real too, until i pressed him for the photo’s origins. As we sifted through the 1’s and 0’s of the matrix looking for the award winning artist that captured this photo while standing on a glacier in the middle of the winter in -80 degree weather we came across the origin. and are happy to share her work.  if you would like to see more of her designs heres her site: called Gate To Nowhere.

although the pic isnt real i still hope all of your dreams big and small come true today.


3 thoughts on “arctic moon r i s e

  1. I hate to tell you, but your source was wrong…. I was there the day this shot was taken! It was back in the 1960’s sometime, and I think we were dropping acid….. great shot, huh? :-) Just kidding, it is a great shot, real or not…. just like dreams are great, real or not…. Thanks for sharing!


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