field of destiny

dear odyssians,

the trio is back in business! Odie+odie mama+odie grandma have teamed back up again to bring you a picture so fab-u-lous it must be photoshopped… and that perfectly ok by us. because the photo’s lovely fields and bountiful blue cloud sky remind us that life is about choices, possibilities, and freedom!


love odie, odie mama, and odie grandma.

now we (mama+grammy) are going to go out in our big backyard and have a cranberry pomegranate (sp?) soda drink i (odie mama/ex resident bartender) will mix myself. pure delight in a glass.  and its easy to make. odie will watch us from the window. hes still an indoor kind of guy and he likes his water “straight up”. hes just that kind of guy. :)



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