lone figure landscapes: oceanside sunrise

dear odyssians,

odie and i are still loving the idea of a lone figure (often in shadow) facing away from the camera towards an open landscape. Today we present this photo for your lone figure landscape viewing pleasure:

no matter that neither of us looks remotely like the lone figure representative (tall man)  in the picture. i am of course a slightly above avg. height lady of thin stature and odie is but a 9 lb sphynx cat.  we can till relate.

perhaps odie and i will go down to the beach today and gaze at the calm waters. that would be lovely indeed.  i need to get odie up to speed on going outside first if thats to happen. hes been an “indoor” all  his life. and because he lacks fur hes not the bear grylis of the outdoors that most cats are. though to be honest that nomer might fit because bear g. stayed in quite a few holiday inns while he was braving the hazards of the outdoors by eating squirrel nuts and drinking his own urine to “survive”. ahh. the joys of reality t.v.

another question i have is how odie would take to a lease? there is no way my little sphynx baby is stepping one paw outside the confines of this house without a tether and a collar. and he probably wont like that. still i have hope. hes very smart. a fast learner. and goes where mama goes. i havent shared these plans with him yet and i dont think just mentioning them will be enough. ill have to enact them and see his freak out level. and even then he might not be going beach side. but having him come out in the backyard for a half hour of suburban animal gazing isnt too shabby for a boy from bay shore, brooklyn.

ok. on second thought im going to hit the lets get real button.  im taking odie grandma instead. no leashes needed just a lot of cajoling. thats an adventure in and of itself for me!

may your day be filled with at least one new adventure.

love  from the both of us….

odie and odie mama.


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