odie blogs again!

dear odyssians,

our sweet odysseus really wanted todays post (the yet to be uploaded Namibian Fantasy about a leopard’s mythical journey through the african desert)  to be hands on experience, and i really wanted to capture him in the moment for you. we are both proud of his unflinching commitment to this daily blog + that he’s grown one whisker! my baby’s all grown up now! actually in cat to human years hes in his late 20’s.

love  ddc rrrrrrbbbbbbbbbbb (thats odie’s signature, this time) and a very proud odie mama




9 thoughts on “odie blogs again!

    • my laptop, the “dell from hell”, gets so hot you can cook well done steaks on it or sear human thigh flesh. as i dont cook or want that iggy pop droopy stomach texture skin on my legs ive taken the laptop out of the kitchen and make sure its on a desk when turned on. odie however finds the 150 degree temperatures soothing like a heater. a fire burning log cabin stove kind of heater. :)


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