urban oasis landscapes: hortus in urbe

dear odyssians,

today we share a wonderful pic we are calling “urban oasis”.

sometimes you have to go to the city to get a little bit of the good country.

*i never understood the city motto of chicago, “urbs in horto”, which means “city in the garden”. Though chicago has a greener appearance than most cities its still mostly concrete.

i always felt made  what would make more sense as motto for chicago is  ” garden in the city”. there are a quite a few garden oases  sprinkled about this town.  therefore  “hortus in urbe”*  seems more appropriate.  doesnt have quite the same ring to it as the original, does it? but i still like it.

*ive chosen to translate the english  into the latin myself (and i had odie help me) so its prob wrong since he only speaks greek. his name is odysseus, not ulysses, after all!!

may all our city days be touched with a bit of bucolic charm.

love odie and odie mama

and yes for those who troll failblog as often as i do,  you might have recognized this as a failblog win! pic. sometimes the greatest fails have the greatest wins. and failblog is no exception.


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