Beautiful landscapes: Phoenix sunset

dearest odyssians,

from the rubble and ash of my artist depression has come a renewal of  beautiful artistic productivity. After what seemed like ages I finally got a break through my creative drought and deadlock. Today i worked outside and got some great work done on the play. theres something about having your laptop in your garden that eases the flow of natural brain output to tech gadget hardware. Yesterday I also got some progress done.  I  stocked up on paint for my next major foray into art. this time i’m going big and bold. f**k going home.

Odie and I hope that all of this is capture in this beautiful sunset landscape were are calling Phoenix sunset. yes a phoenix should rise.. and maybe this is a sunrise? either way we love this pic and are happy to share it with you.

love odie and odie mama.



6 thoughts on “Beautiful landscapes: Phoenix sunset


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