lone figure landscape: red reality

dear odyssians,

is not the lone figure landscape the ultimate oxymoron? someone had to take this pic. unless the camera was on a 10 minute delay. (its possible for this particular shot. most others i have seen…no)

i love these pics all the same. my new favorite style of landscape photographs has the isolasted human, unrecognizable due to size and shadow, walking amongst earths beauty. i guess the lone figure sums up everything i feel about our bizarre lives here as people on this remarkable planet.

ok i must confess that in this pic we can clearly make out that its a dude human wearing khaki shorts, white socks, hiking boots and a dark long sleeved shirt thats facing the camera. hes not decked out in the most stylist way to hike, but certainly the most practical. he has short dark hair and is of the caucasian persuasion.  in my usual lone figure landscape selections i tend to like the figure to be even more ambigous, but i made an exception here because the red color of the rocks surrounding him was so lovely.

as far as personal updates go. ive been painting. with mild success. nothing to go running to any gallery walls with. hopefully today proves to be a more fruitful endeavor. though i never paint fruit. i just paint odd abstract faces and hands. i love painting hands!!

and no. i havent forgotten about the play .

love odie and odie mama.


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