elephant: a picture that inspires dreams

dear odyssians,

theres on an elephant in the room of my soul. its begging me to honor my artistic gifts above all else. its asking me to rest my aching mind and leave my unbearable weariness where it belongs. 6 ft under.

and this elephant that eating a devestating  hole into my soul isnt beautiful like the one in this amazing photograph.

no solutions eminent. but ill keep everyone posted. wish me luck.

odie mama.



11 thoughts on “elephant: a picture that inspires dreams

    • Wait blue. Tell it to me plain. You want me to help you with Sabrina w. As well? Both are undeniably novels… Both deserve paper as much as matrix computer Web code. Have you printed hard copies of both.. For safety s sake. I’ll do that tomorrow.
      my nine to five plus two hours of commute has taken the core of my soul and blasted it out with a shot gun. I’m perpetually tired and anxious at having not acheived anything artistic in lieu of work, and have restless nightmares throughout the night… In these horrifying dreams i’m trapped at my desk as insurmountable tasks mount and overwhelm.

      • My soul is hurting and in great pain. On top of this I have lost all time with my precious son odysseus, who needs me constantly at his side. He doesn’t even sleep with me at the foot of the bed anymore. He was my consolation through all of this. And now even he is gone. I’m to o sad to cry. And to tired. When he does come to see me its in the firm of him waking me at 4+/am and then disappearing downstairs again. not only have I lost him he’s become a terrible nuisance.
        The depth of my suffering seems bottomless, and knows no exit. I am unable to concentrate enough to write. I don’t see how I can help with Sabrina. I can barely manage the question. I’m sorry.

  1. Oh honey bunny, no pressure….I used to work like that and I was just exhausted. Only love girl. I am wishing that life affords you and me the freedom to be creative. If you change your mind tell me. The Historical Greek story would make a great movie and I wish I had your expertise in Greek but I will give it a go.

    If we sale something you wont have to work. ;) Big hugs and things always change, so if they feel shit right now, you know that pendulum is going to swing the other way eventually.

    • dearest gwen,
      not sure why im responding to this so late.. but here i am. saying thank you. and giving you a hug. the job that was killing me i left. now im much more at ease. much happier. and soley focused on art. the progress that ive made within my soul has been revolutionary. no more elephant. well. i lied. there are elephants. but they are beautiful…
      :) Pressure to get creative work done without guidance or co creators is an elephant i welcome.
      hugs again,
      O and OM


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