new blog on the horizon…

Dearest odyssians,

a visual expression of me taking time to birth a new blog..

Ive been hard at work creating a new blog dedicated entirely to “the question: a zen adventure”. I hope to have a mass unveiling of it soon, when its perfect. its almost ready to be born, unleashed on the world, and hopefully enjoyed by all. You, my faithful readers, are its intended audience.

Hopefully, with the new blog dedicated fully to the subject of “the question”  readership and feedback  for the story will improve. Sindy and I, who are co-writing the story in a alternating manner, would love to know what you think.

With the two of us taking turns writing each segment, the story’s become quite long at this point. It also has a tremendous number of twists and turns, and even magic. All thats missing is romance, but who’s to say we wont create that. neither of us knowns where this story is headed, but both of us are fully commited to go along for the ride.

Sure its written in a rough draft manner, kind of like my blog in terms of the lack of proofreading and the typos. And for the life of me I can never figure out how to properly use quotation marks. We hope to correct all of this for the full length novel/ awesome screenplay ala crouching tiger hidden dragon. Sindy and I are planning to meet  (for the first time) and create these grander spin offs in time. For now, the question typos and all is an entertaining read, and we hope you take the time out to immerse yourself in its zen adventure for awhile.

Alrighty then,

the new blog should be up soon, and ill send everyone a shout on when it is. Please join us on that site to follow the complete adventure and everything related to it. pictures, history, character analysis, etc…

love odie and odie mama.


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