lighthouse landscapes: ethereal blue green (plus a few musings)

dear odyssians,

i found another great pic while surfing the matrix last night. lots of great colors. a mysterious and ethereal element about it that qualifies it for inclusion in blogville. also, its a mixture 95% nature + 5% mankind = a perfect combo for artistic beauty. enjoy. and thank god its friday!

love odie and odie mama.

p.s. dear fellow bloggers. sorry i havent made my usual rounds and been liking and commenting  on your amazing contributions as much as id like to/need to. my new work schedule has crushed my blogging time to a pulp/torn its heart out, stomped on it, thrown it on a grill, burned it, and then shoved it down a very much turned on garbage disposal. Its also placed my time to surf your posts in a dead heat match up with my time to create my art. its like prime time tv with one remote and no change the channel button. someones gotta lose. forgive me.  Because I dont want to be a poor starving sap for the rest of my days, i’ve chosen to focus on the art. hoping to sell my pieces (theyre fairly small at 8 x 8) as grouplings. a pick 3 kind of deal. these small drawings each take a few hours to ink and color in. who knew such effort was required. i used to whip up black and white sketches in 15 minutes… hopefully the extra effort=extra money.

My day thus consists of the requisite 9 hr tour of work duty and then 3 post work hours of drawing. its rather like wartime for the soul. 9 hours in the field, edgy nervous, gun at the ready deep behind enemy lines . and 3 hours building ramparts back at home base, preparing to fend of the coming assault of old age and unaccomplishment…oh and its coming. it always does.

spending only 16 hours a week asking people how they want their martini’s over the blasting of house music is looking pretty good right now i must admit. i made a lot more money that way. met a lot of interesting people. got sauced on the regular. knew what was going on in the scene.  got to hear the hottest new music and  had the other 40 hours of the week to lie in bed, daydreaming about my future. (i never used vermouth in the martinis anyway if the person was under 60. started that in 2002 and added 2 years to the end of my life span with that shortcut)

what does stay the course mean anymore in my life? my ship keeps sailing. and im definitely aboard. but its on autopilot. and its only in first gear.

this my friends is only sustainable in the short term.



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