workplace redemption


holy.shit. its friday.. and i’ve never looked forward to an end to my work week more than i have at this moment. my “shift” is 8 hrs away. then top that with ten hours of relentless tortures (2 of them spent in the disease infested belly of the mechanical beast known as subway) and two miles spent walking to and fro the salt mines and  then im free; allowed to ignore the task of making other peoples dreams come true. that’s what my job is really. helping other People fulfill dreams i was never able to. acting in major films, acting in major tv shows, traveling the world all the while. maling big bucks for a tem hour work.week. alas.
when i think about it makes me sad. my job is like being a travel agent that can’t afford to go on his own vacation. and so i suffer.
i wonder what this journey will bring. what i will make it.
I’ve been working every single day after work on art. getting one nw piece done a night. with a fifty percent “this might sell” rate. it leaves me no time to relax, kick back, not writer about the future. like the old me.
i hope my suffering equates to some grand happiness.
our just a few grand ;)
love o,, and om


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