as with most creative endeavors, life happened. that’s really has put Wrench in my blog, art , creative, and sleep time.
i would love for there to be a secret doorway behind the broom closet at work that led to a pathway like the one in the picture. one day while taking a potty break (withinh the first five minutes of arrival) i would try the handle to the normally locked broom closet. it would open and  I would be swept away to this magical paradise. also magically no one would notice i was gone in this alternate universe for 8 hrs.
after exploring this hidden world/relaxing and escaping work, i would skip back to my desk just in time to turn my computer of, water my pet orchid, and go the hell home.
sounds divine.
now i know why cs Lewis write c.o.narnia, and why___? wrote the secret garden, etc..
pure escapism. for the author and the reader.

i might continue my escape work fantasy story .. i like the beginning of it.

love o and om


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