♡ o and om.

ps. has anyone else noticed WordPress issues? certain blogs are not showing up in my blogs.i follow reader, though i clearly follow them. also, i have not gotten notice if a single new follower for two months. when i tested the system using my moms email she never got my blog post notices nor did i find out i had a new follower. ths is all very strange indeed. i spoke with fellow blogger and she’s also having issues. not the same as mine, but serious glitches in their own right.
I’d anyone else having issues? does anyone have an explanation, or even better a solution?
maybe i,, need to reset everything somehow..
nite nite.


5 thoughts on “cloudscape

  1. Oh yes friend, serious glitches. No email notices of blogs I subscribe, which is why you haven’t seen me,. I was so used to looking as soon as I got the notification. It is freezing and clogging loading. I could not get any html code to work from YouTube. Can I say more? lol


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