i must apologize for yesterdays wordpress tech melt down / triple posting.
when you blog from your cellphone after midnight, bound to happen. thrice.
thank you to my two friends who pointed out the blunder so that i could tidy up my matrix parking space/blog page for future visitors. on another twist,
i subscribe to a series of daily newsletters (and i think it would be a good idea to list them in a post, just not this one since links and,website info exactings arent handy) and today I was reading a piece about solitary confinement and its tortures. and in some ways due to my lifes layout, i can relate to some of the side effects of isolation.
will i ever have a social life again? im too young to be dead…
i cant work 15 hrs a day every day without some reward of interesting humsn company. I love Odie, and hes staved off ultimate lonliness, but dammit, he doesnt talk.
nor can he go outside to a bar.  if he could he would order a top shelf bourbon. hes just that kind of guy.. but  i need real convo. and real adventure.
how long can i last under such banality? pray thee tell.
or shall my amusements be ever damned to hell?

♡ o and om


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