Im back online and better than ever because im now blogging to you from a brand new laptop, and not my cell phone. and i must say this new laptop is divinely delicious. the screen is fully attached (my old computers screen began to force itself to break off from the keyboard simply by my opening it-it was a dell/need i say more). With the new laptop there are no sparks shooting from the exposed wires that were hanging from the half mangled screen, so i have no fear of being electrocuted as I blog to you. my new keyboard has a crisp clickity clack to it. its a mac so its flawlessly seamless. and the screen is brilliantly bright in its lovely pixelation. I feel energized, precise, and ready to share.

as for eyesofodysseus, we still wont be utilizing spell check. odie insists on keeping the feeling of this blog consistent, and as you all know, typo bombs have always been a signature of our writings. we also will continue to post mind blowing pictures with nature as the sole artist and great photographers/graphic designers as the framers.

odies sitting on my lap right now!  serendipity!

now all i want to download on the new laptop are some photo programs so that i can start doing more art manipulation. for the next phase of my art i want to mirror  half  of the image (the portrait faces) to create an interesting new piece and then print that  new presentation on canvas. I feel like the mirrored images have an entirely interesting and space aged feel. an advanced type of futuristic balance feel. and then i also feel theres something entirely more fascinating about them.

and now i shall share what ive been working on.



I will also share some more original images that ive created in recent weeks.

hav a great night!

love odie and odie mama



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