Dearest odyssians,


Couldn’t really pull together anything creatively. Couldn’t force the muses over life s trivialities. Feeling failed. Hope that the muse hits another time even if completely unexpected

♡ o and om


4 thoughts on “Alas

    • thanks gwennie. have had some trying days as of late and am trying to keep positive. but i also dont want to hide the truth of what my life is like now or ignore the not wholly good in the process of writing this blog. I also hope my contemplativeness doesn’t get too tiring/draining to read about.
      wish i had a relaxing garden in full bloom like yours to retreat to during these times. you are blessed to have built yourself such a sanctuary!

      • I know I am blessed with my garden , my garden helps me to keep sane. But close your eyes and try to imagine how your garden must look like if you have one, this can be very relaxing, I always think of what I can do in my garden when can’t sleep and it really helps.
        I whish you the best of luck !


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