under snow filled skies

dearest odyssians,

man of the mntzoom in for full experience…

love O and OM and F.



2 thoughts on “under snow filled skies

  1. I would like to print a modified version of this photo (blured with some text) on a shirt (not commercial). Is that OK?

    • Hi pv.
      I did not take the original mountain photo. I found the mnt. online, did some filtering and then I added in the lone umbrella figure on the right side. The final product is something I created, and
      I am ok with you using that art for personal use only, esp if it’s blurred. However, I cannot guarantee that the original photographer of the mountain would approve.
      Wish I could be more helpful.
      I do my best to give photo credits when I can find them. If there is not one for this pic, in the title or downloaded title, then I was not able to obtain that info. Could be from one of those landscape websites.
      Thanks for asking.
      O and om 🐱.


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