catching nocturne

dearest odyssians,

i am throughly enjoying my vacation!!! smiles all around. your blessings have done the trick.  also i must share that odie is loving that  i am home. no better feeeling for a mom than to see your son smiling and purrring and chasing his toys on string with gusto. also also, are those rocks or pillows in the pic?? too weird to be ignored.

nocturne fishing at its most interesting
nocturne fishing at its most interesting

btw, this pic is another compendium of photography and art put together by om and f. really enjoying the dynamic that a shadowy figure adds to a scene. can you guess if our contribution was the cat of the fisherman? odie thinks the answer is obvious… he knows me too well.

on a sharing note, i had a dream i was modeling again, this time for a hot as the sun famous rock star’s music video; it soon turned into a nightmare. i was late to wardrobe so i got the scraps- no sequins, no glitz. just some drab and dowdy cotton number. all other 10 models there looked fab and i brought up the rear like yesterdays old lettuce. then since i got fucke* on wardrobe  i was late to makeup: solution? They didn’t do mine,  when i saw the final finished video (turn around to finished product in dreamville was an incredible 30 seconds or so) my small part was left on the floor of the cutting room. damn damn triple damn. glad it was only a nightmare.

love o and om


6 thoughts on “catching nocturne

  1. I wonder why bloggers don’t recognize, you are such a beautiful photographer.
    I like your photographs very much, you are a great photographer indeed,

    • h ayaytao,

      just to clarify, odie and i post the best the webscape has to offer in terms of landscapes and nature photos. i add photo credits whenever possible, however, much of what we post however comes from free share wallpaper/backgrounds sites where credits have not been added. hope that clears things up, and hope that you can still appreciate the photos though they have not been taken by us. we make no claims to the work, nor profit in any way. just sharing…


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