underneath it all

dearest odyssians,

sunset_under_the_pier trey ratcliffit looks like there is a magical gateway at the end of this pier, right where you can see the light at the end of the pylons.. Interesting. if it were a door/gateway to another place, where do you think it would lead to?

i suppose that for each person asked that question there is a different answer. i wonder what odysseus would say if he could talk. there are so many times i wish he could.

even if he only knew ten words..

hungry, thirsty, cold, hot, hurts, here, happy, mama, yes, no, good, okay. (ok maybe 12…)

i would be overjoyed.

(or would i then hope that he spoke a few hundred…?) for now we make do with my guesswork and intuition and his meows. he has quite a few different calls i can distinguish. his purrs of course let me know hes happy.

love O and OM.

goodnight, sleep tight.



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