Winter landscapes: pale pink beauty

Dearest odyssians,


Baby its **** cold outside. Stay warm my Midwest friends!

♡ o and om


4 thoughts on “Winter landscapes: pale pink beauty

    • Hi Kevin!
      Thanks for stopping by our blog. Odie and I love hearing your feedback.
      ON a weather related note: Ive heard about the heat and destructive fires that have been happening in Australia. Our hearts go out to you suffering from the weather. We hope that you and your loved ones are safe. Though we wish we had some warmth here during out “deep freeze” we certainly realize that the cold is less destructive than the fires you’re facing. May your country have a reprieve in the weather soon!
      O and OM

      • I am fortunate that my family and friends are not suffering from any damage. My heart, too, goes to those who lose homes and close friends and family to these disasters.

        It is something that happens too often in this country to be honest.

        Thank you for your wishes.


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