Nature landscapes : deserted contrast

Dearest odyssians,
as I hold odysseus tight we write to wish you a goodnight.


What an interesting contrast this picture shows visually, physically, environmentally from the inhabited frozen “hell” Odie and I are reluctantlt submersed in.. Negative degree temperatures and high wind that could freeze and tear the face off a sports stadium.. Happened in Michigan. And by face I mean canopy. This really happened, its in the news. No joke!
We must emphatically state we.are thankful for the shelter we have, but also admit that this year we were not able to seasonally migrate to.a tropical resort with on~tap Margaritas as wed planned. We will be sure to find Cali, Miami, or Tahiti as our postal code  next winter. Cold be damned!
Stay warm my friends!

♡ o and om

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