animal landscapes:dearly beloved

dearest odyssians,


♡ o and om


7 thoughts on “animal landscapes:dearly beloved

  1. Hon, I gave you the Liebster Award. It wouldn’t link right…..but it’s still yours. I’m having technical difficulties as usual. There are no rules. I just told a few things no one knew about me. Easy Peasy. <3

    • Mamasheri!! Thank you and thank you (from Odie and me). I will check your page to learn more about the award (we like that there are no rules) and share a few things about ourselves this evening. We appreciate your nomination and look forward to sharing more photos with you! Its an honor to be thought of by such an amazing blogger like yourself! We are humbled..

    • Hi Makena,
      I would have loved to have been there as well. The photographer’s work is so compelling its as if we are able to feel we were there with him/her that crisp cool quiet fall morn. Stunning indeed. Thank you for sharing!
      love O and OM


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