beautiful nature landscapes: crimson haze on the horizon

dearest odyssians,

hazy horizons in redfeeling a heavy haze on the horizon as the dreadful reality of monday closes in on us fast. monday-friday = less time for art and more time for O and OM to miss one another. every weekday for reasons i never find, i force myself (as my soul cries no) to trudge off to work in the melting blackened snow and freezing cold.  ive been trying to see the beauty in going to a job that i dont care for.. that beauty would be perseverance i suppose?  the fact we’ve managed to work at this place this long without seeking the solace of heavy medication must be a testament to our fortitude. odie has managed the long days without me.. and ive reached for the occasional glass of wine to help mend the rough edges i come home with on.

all the while the only thought on my mind is producing art. beautiful, rich, nuanced, well loved art. stunning, mesmerizing, readily purchased art… and yes. ive already announced my retirement from my current position. lifes to short to do something you have no passion for…

somewhere in an alternate universe giving and sharing make you financially rich. somewhere over the hazy horizon making arts and crafts is listed next to such prosperous professions as racketeering, pillaging, empire building, gambling, stealing, drug dealing, and ruthless ******* practices. fill in the blanks at your own discretion.

alright. enough pandering to the low realities of my temporary unhappiness.

back to the art table and the better side of life.

-OM w/ odie in absentia.


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