Amazing skyscapes : a walk on the clouds

Dearest odyssians,


Already in bed and five blinks from sleep, but I had to share this cloudtastic skyscape with you, dear readers. Incredible that the cloud layer seems to create  solid enough ground cover to walk on.. A walk on the clouds. Better than any Keanu Reeves period drama.
I hope I dream of such a journey amongst such blanket soft andcomforter thick clouds  tonight. Goodnight.
And goodmorning and day to those on the other sides of our amazing planet.
Happy Friday!!

♡ o and om


7 thoughts on “Amazing skyscapes : a walk on the clouds

  1. i posted this from my cell phone, and from that late night small screen vantage i thought the ground layer was a second cloud layer…thus the post about cloud walking. (ive seen such weird layered cloud things from aero-planes). today i can bravely admit that i was wrong about the double cloud layers, but im still not sure what the ground is made of? mossy lowlands? tundra? if anyone knows just drop us a line with your wisdom. thanks,
    O & OM.


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