amazing nature landscapes: on the verge of

dearest odyssians,

on the vergei feel as if im on the verge of something really wonderful…like the crew of the 2010 space odyssey. ive been working on a new project with a friend of mine diligently + dailyily , yes we know thats not a real word :) but we love how interesting it sounds.

nutshells: weve been working nonstop on this art project since its original conception in late december . hoping to launch the new company within a week or so. we’re going totally electronic for the occasion;, estore, Facebook facehole, twitter/twatter …however you prefer to see them we got em all covered.  we are even going to do a wordpresser just for our new art company.

ill let yall know as soon as its live. ok. time to rest and attack the tasks again tomorrow. at first light.

just like this pic. kind of. yeah. work it.

goodnight all, may all of the projects you are working on prove to be fulfilling,


O & OM.



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