unique nature landscapes: moonlit kingdom

dearest odyssians,

"moonrise"  by mr kraken

the moon in almost full again. tonight it was high in the sky and as beautiful as ever.

odie would like to ask, “have you ever looked up  at this wonderous rock and waxed lyrical about its mysterious beauty?”

every time i look up i do. and so does odie. well thats what he tells me. he also feels that the moons pull on us is greater than gravitational…. and i must agree.

why not give it a look see tonight…

-love O & OM

14 thoughts on “unique nature landscapes: moonlit kingdom

    • well my my minefield!!
      we are absolutely honored to be awarded the liebster by you!! congrats on your nomination! you deserve it as you bring so many critical issues to the forefront. keep up your amazing work.


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