Nature landscapes: stars bright snow white

Dear odyssians,


Its going to be a snow filled day here Tuesday in the American Midwest!!
Odie and I do love the snow… So its going to be exciting indeed..

♡ o and om


8 thoughts on “Nature landscapes: stars bright snow white

    • thanks mamasheri..
      and i love the green heart! speaks for your appreciation of nature.
      i wonder if odie would like snow. actually i think he would. that being said, i know hell never be around it (as he’s cold when it hits 70 degrees F….) so i can’t take him outside to run through it.. but somehow i just have this feeling he would love to run through it and eat it and catch snow flakes on his raspy tongue if he could.. in a fully lined, down filled, fur coat with a special hat for his oversize ears and extra warm boots for his hair free feet…. i smile thinking about it.

    • Absolutely! wouldnt that be a cool setting for the opening scene of some galactic journey/saga type film?
      thanks for stopping by and sharing you perspective. we hope you visit and share with us again soon :)


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