amazing nature landscapes: one with everything

dearest odyssians,

one with everything

one should always make sure to take time out to be one with nature, and nature alone.

its quiet brings us truth**

and balance.

also, the title of this blog reminds me of a funny joke.

Q:what did Buddha say to the hotdog vendor?

A: make me one with everything.

haha!! odie told me that one.  kid safe and cat friendly.

love O & OM

*[then run home,  turn on the tv, talk to your fam/roomate/s, call a friend on the phone-just for the sake of talking, play your five favorite dance songs – loud, write some emails, update your blog,  and get active on your cell phone..]


16 thoughts on “amazing nature landscapes: one with everything

  1. Makes me wonder if I should get my cat involved in blogging. He makes a lot of verbalizations, even when I am not in the room. He probably would get a huge following . lol !

    • yes linda,
      def get your cat involved. as bloggers they have such an honest perspective of the world. unique. refreshing. and inspiring. i cant thank odie enough for pawing me to action everyday and reminding me to see the world from a cat’s point of view: curious, positive, engaging, reflexive, and dextrous and above all, flexible!
      he cant spell for **** though!
      now ask me why i put him in charge of spellchecking duties???

    • hi themofman,
      glad you like the image. this is a real landscape photo that i got from a free wallpaper site. wish i had more info, but the pics are shared without authorship given, just a contributor.
      does look too beautiful to be real, doesnt it??
      thanks for stopping by and sharing your thoughts and questions with us..
      O & OM.

    • hi f&f..
      i wish i knew
      im guessing se asia or hawaii based on background.. but cant be sure. as for the pic:
      . i got this from a wonderful free share wallpaper site. no more info than the contributor who uploads many many images. so in essence this pic had no author info attached. (but i think there is a new google app where you can submit an image and it will tell you the source….have you heard about that app?)


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