surreal nature landscapes: gold and blue (if rothko were a photographer…)

dearest odyssians,

gold and bluethese colors of gold and blue are so bold they look banded by Rothko… if rothko did nature photography.

what moods are expressed by these vibrant colors? what moods are conjured within?

amazing. wish i could be here. with odie on a plastic floaty chair and me running through the shallows. odie likes his tropical drinks with light and dark rum and lots of pineapple and a splash of cran. though he takes his bourbon straight…

i, being a more experienced drinker, take my rum with rum and coke**. hold the lime baby! maybe in a few years he’ll catch up.

**thats two rums and one coke.

im trying to think of the last time i saw tropical sun. 10 years? 12.. sad.

the closest I’ve been to tropical sun is a soylent green “capri sun” drink in that tin flexi pouch. love those things by the way. must activate something akin to mammary suckling recessed in my core animal baby brain from my childhood days long forgotten. ahh. yesterday. where ever have you gone.

odie knows what im talking about. he encourages these off topic musings… thats why we are great co bloggers.

hoping your thursday is sun n’ fun.

love from the rum drinkin pirate twins..

O & OM.


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