Space landscapes : sun spots sublime

Dearest odyssians,


There are some places that despite great effort, light will not shine. Odies advice? sunbathe elsewhere.
His wisdom astounds me…
Goodnight and good day. And may your solar flares be kept at minimum in the workplace and beyond.

♡ o and om


4 thoughts on “Space landscapes : sun spots sublime

  1. hi renard. theres something terrifyingly transfixing about this picture. i have a feeling from your comment that you are staring and it befixed as long as odie and i were. (and he has a limited color spectrum!)
    the perfection of the sun as an orb/circle is what draws us in; though we know nothing is our universe that we can see hold create birth is a perfect circle.. (our moon is lopsided and cratered. the earth is bottom heavy and topographers nightmare/delight, as are a lot of the other planets) this pic of our sun is about as close as you can get in nature-it would seem.
    I love how the suns colors blend and mellow in to a deep warm fire towards the outside edges. the colors are rich and pure. again, as close as we might visually get to a seamlessly uniform sense of perfection in nature photography.
    but then we see the blemishes upon its noble service, and are reminded of what the sun really is. like us. perfect in every way. yet real. living. breathing. consuming. blemished. pocked. scarred. alive. growing. shedding. changing. casting off. reflecting the common denominator of life. renewal. and death. in every millisecond.
    and mesmerizing…..
    hugs, o and OM


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