amazing nature landscapes: setting sail

dearest odyssians,


my reluctance to blog has been miraculously cured. my only hesitation for tonights bloggery is that im slightly tired. but otherwise i feel great, and  am glad i outlasted last weeks foot & finger dragging. so here we are tonight, my odyssians, fully reclined roman dining style (how the hell.did Anyone eat like that?) & masterfully racing about the keys with our point er finger. odie is chasing something unseen in the.corner…
weve set sail again on our sweet blogging cruise.. and are happy to share tonights set sail photo, a real beaut dint you agree? glad you are along for the.journey, rough and calm.seas alike

♡ o and om


5 thoughts on “amazing nature landscapes: setting sail

    • thanks renard. odie and i always love hearing from you. hope you have a great weekend. any saint patricks day plans?

      • Today I was darn near ecstatic~ as you may have noticed I am participating in another Chopra Meditation Challenge. I don’t know if that had anything to do with my great happiness or not? Then I had to tackle a Biology assignment that took me 5 hours but I think I did a good job on it, so now I am celebrating with some buffalo wings and coronas. Yipee lets dance om and odie~


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